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Demo’s. Demo’s. Demo’s.

Wow! What a great venue to conduct our most recent Working equitation demonstrations. The hard working committee of the Wagin Gymkhanarama extended an invitation to Nina Guelphi, Andrew Turnbull and Sue Buckley to conduct demonstrations of the obstacle and cattle phase of working equitation during their 2 day show on the 16th and 17th of September.

Our three working equitation experts worked with riders of all ages and those that participated received free coaching on a variety of obstacles. Andrew introduced riders and their horses to his mechanical cow called “Betsy”. It was great to listen to Andrew as he worked with the riders and their horses, instilling confidence in locking on to Betsy.

The Gymkhanarama is now in its 3rd year, getting bigger each year. The Wagin Adult Riders and Pony Club had something for everyone: dressage, show jumping, mounted games, barrel racing and musical bareback riding and now working Equitation demos. They turned on lovely spring weather and extended a warm welcome to all. Many thanks to Wagin for inviting us. We

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