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Australian National Working Equitation – WA

What is Working Equitation?

Working equitation was founded in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy but quickly expanded to many other countries in Europe, the Americas, and Australasia. The discipline of working equitation was created to promote the different types of equitation techniques, developed in countries that used the riding horse to work, on farms, ranches and with livestock. It is a great sport steeped in history as the goal is to preserve and carry on the cultural traditions of each country and their horses.

The sports came to Australia in 2007 when Gill Kennerley began training people in the discipline (after 6 years training in the UK). And it has now grown in popularity here in Australia! Horse riders of all disciplines are embracing Working Equitation.

Working equitation is comprised of four phases:

Working Dressage

Working dressage tests are progressive and each level develops the horse’s strength and gymnastic ability, testing the rider’s technical correctness while preparing the horse and rider for the obstacle phase, performed in a 20 x 40 arena.

Ease of Handling

The horse and rider moves fluently around the course (navigation), as well as the style and correctness of the movements within the obstacles which have been developed from objects and situations they would encounter when working in the field.


Speed has the horse and rider using a similar course of obstacles to the Ease of Handling phase with a relaxation in some rules allowing for more speed. This is a timed phase.


The cattle phase tests the ability of the horse and rider to calmly work cattle as an individual rider and within a team to herd a cow into a designated pen. This is a timed phase. This phase is also an optional phase for a rider.

At the International level (Masters) the riders must ride the obstacle and speed courses at the canter with the reins only in one hand. The lowest levels in Australia commence with walk and trot and two hands on the reins progressing through the levels to canter between the obstacles and then through the obstacles and to one handed riding and flying changes.

About Us

ANWE WA operates as the State Branch of Australian National Working Equitation Ltd (ANWE), who is the governing body for the sport in Australia.

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