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2024 ANWE WA Horse and Rider of the Year Award

We are thrilled to announce that ANWE WA will be hosting the 2024 Horse and Rider of the Year award. This award recognises competitive achievements in competition throughout the 2024 calendar year. The award will be presented at the 2024 ANWE WA State Championships, marking the culmination of the competition series.

Eligibility Criteria:
•    Riders must be ANWEL members at both the start and end of the calendar year (ANWEL Rider levies operate on a financial year basis).
•    Riders must belong to a West Australian ANWEL affiliated club at both the start and end of the calendar year.
•    Riders must be competing at the Preliminary Level through to Master’s Level.

Qualifying Events:
•    All West Australian ANWEL affiliated club competitions held since January 1, 2024, including the final qualifying event of the 2024 ANWE WA State Championships, will count towards the award.

Points Accumulation:
•    Points are accumulated automatically. Clubs will submit their scoresheets to the ANWE WA secretary, who will manage the scoreboard.
•    Points will be allocated at each respective competition level.
•    All placings will be allocated a specified number of points, as per the table below.

PlacingPoints Allocation
1st 51 points
2nd  49 points
3rd   48 points
4th   47 points
5th  46 points
6th onwards    45 points – 0 points respectively

Important Notes:

•    This award is specific to three-phase competitions. ANWE WA will have a separate award for the cattle horse of the year, coming from any competitive level.
•    There will be an award presented for each level of competition (that is from preliminary level through to masters level).
•    This award is based on a specific horse and rider combination. If the horse is sold and a new rider competes on it during the year, a new entry will be created for the new combination, and points will not be transferable.
•    Points can only be accumulated at one competition level. If a horse and rider combination moves up or down levels during the year, they must inform ANWE WA at which level they will be submitting points for eligibility.
•    Elimination in one phase will still enable riders to accrue points towards this award. Elimination in two phases will result in no points. Cattle phase points would be awarded in a separate category so elimination in this phase would not count.

We look forward to celebrating the achievements of our talented riders. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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