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ANWEL Membership Renewal

Have you renewed your ANWEL membership? If you have, thank you! If you haven’t, please renew as soon as possible.

Remember, all riders must join ANWEL to participate in Working Equitation activities. Membership is managed through a third party online system called Nominate (

Once your membership is received by ANWEL, a Levy number is issued which is used to identify and register Members for club events and competition.

Members are required to renew membership annually at a fee determined by ANWEL (currently $30.00), with the membership year from 1st July to 30th June next year.

ANWEL issues and manages the Rule Book, policies and guidelines for our sport, all available at the ANWEL website ( At this time, all positions on the board and management are voluntary, which allows ANWEL to keep this fee as low as possible.

The rider levy also assists with:

– website / social media development and maintenance

– subsidisation of clinicians across Australia

– sport development

– national competitions

– management and administration

– marketing and promotion

– legal and audit fees

– information management, communication and technology

– national body insurance

Happy riding!

2 thoughts on “ANWEL Membership Renewal”

  1. Good evening I live in Esperance breed Australian Stock Horses and interested in joining the organisation.

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