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Thank You 2023!

🏆 Reflecting on a Successful Year for Working Equitation in WA 🏆

As we bid farewell to 2023, we are thrilled to celebrate the tremendous progress and achievements made in Working Equitation. Building upon the strong foundations laid down by our pioneers, we have seen remarkable growth and development.

🤝 Strong Collaboration and Clear Vision 🤝

Our clubs and state committee have worked hand in hand, fostering a cooperative spirit and maintaining a clear vision for the future. We are dedicated to aligning ourselves closely with the national vision and following the direction set by WAWE (Working Equitation World Association).

✨Highlights of 2023:✨

1️⃣ 2 Successful Judge Education Clinics:

We organized and conducted two highly successful Judge Education Clinics, equipping our judges with the knowledge and skills needed to uphold excellence in Working Equitation competitions.

2️⃣ Coach Education Clinics:

Our WA state committee hosted three Coach Education clinics aimed at fostering a strong community and providing our working equitation coaches with top-notch professional development opportunities. By raising the standard of coaching, we ensure the best training experiences for our riders.

3️⃣ Growing Working Equitation Clubs:

WA now boasts an impressive count of 6 working equitation clubs! The increasing number of clubs not only signifies the growth of our equitation community, but also offers more opportunities for riders to develop their skills and passion.

4️⃣ Inspiring the Next Generation:

Our dedicated coaches and working equitation advocates have been spreading the love for this sport by teaching in Pony Clubs across the state. By nurturing our new generation of riders, we are confident in securing a bright future for Working Equitation in WA.

📅 Exciting Plans for 2024! 📅

Looking ahead, we have already begun planning for the much-anticipated 2024 State Championships. To ensure you are well-prepared and able to enhance your riding skills and understanding, we have organized competitions and protocol days as part of our lead-up.

Mark your calendars for the following event:

🗓 Rulebook Update Clinic

• Date: January 13th

• Audience: Judges, Coaches, and Riders

🌍 WA Represents on the International Stage 🌍

In September, our State President and Judge Educator, Maggie Cappon, attended the WAWE International Judge Education clinic. We are incredibly proud to announce that she was selected as the Australian International Judge candidate, exemplifying the expertise and dedication of WA’s equitation community.

🎉 Together, Let’s Keep Building! 🎉

As we reflect on the remarkable milestones achieved in 2023, let us carry this positive momentum into the new year. By working together, supporting one another, and continuing to embrace the values of sportsmanship and growth, we can ensure that Working Equitation in WA reaches new heights.

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