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Rule Book Update Clinic

The Rule book update clinic was held yesterday at Dome in Byford. A comfortable meeting room out of the heat helped everyone enjoy a clinic hosted by ANWE WA and generously facilitated by Judge Educator, State President and Australia’s only International Judge candidate, Maggie Cappon.

Maggie covered the recent changes to the 2024 rulebook, the new dressage tests, highlighting the co-efficients with explanations of dressage terminology including insights into the German Dressage Training Scale’s application to the foundations of riding Working Equitation in a manner which opened the door to many to understand something which had remained out of their understanding or “not for them”.

This takes skill and knowledge and a generosity of messaging to make it accessible to all levels of riders.
We had some fun with an interactive quiz and ended with our attempts with video judging from the National Championships. Comparing our scores to the Nationals judge, Nicola Danner, was both informative (good and bad!) and was a highlight.

When this comes around again, DO NOT miss this. While the title says one thing, the content was wide ranging and of interest to everyone.

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