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The benefits of club affiliation with ANWE WA are:

  • Statewide coordination of Working Equitation events and Judges Clinics.
  • Ongoing support and clear guidelines with rule books updated and kept in conduit with ANWE (our national body).
  • Access to rule books and amendments, obstacle course maps, dressage tests, cattle welfare checklists, horse welfare guidelines, and risk management resources and support.
  • Access to eastern states and overseas instructors for special clinics.
  • Support and assistance and guidelines in how to start a new club.


  1. Download the resources below:
  2. Read the information about insurance for your club.
  3. Appoint a delegate(s) to form the general committee for ANWE WA. Clubs can have up to three (3) delegates with one or two attending meetings. Their role is to attend committee meetings to contribute to ANWE WA business and to relay club queries and updates. Meetings are mostly held by phone/video conference monthly with urgent decisions between meetings handled via email.
  4. The MOU is to be signed by your club elected ANWE WA President and returned on behalf of your club.
  5. Submit your Club Affiliate EOI form and MOU to ANWE WA Secretary via
  6. You will be contacted further once your club application has been received.

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