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About Us

The Australian National Working Equitation Western Australia Inc (ANWE WA) committee was founded in 2016. We are the State Branch of Australian National Working Equitation Ltd (ANWE), who is the governing body for the sport of working equitation in Australia.

ANWE WA’s main purpose is to:

To promote the sport of working equitation in WA.

To organise and conduct any courses of instruction, lectures or discussions of benefit to the Members, judges and stewards to enable the understanding and standardisation of the application of the rules of working equitation in WA.

To support Clubs conducting events in WA and that competitions are in accordance with the current national body agreements, rules and regulations, policies and guidelines.

More than this, it is our mission to promote and develop the discipline throughout WA; upholding the ideals and the philosophies of classical working dressage and traditional horsemanship, offering a nurturing, caring environment for riders, regardless of choice of breed of horse, tack or attire.

Working equitation in WA places an emphasis on harmony between horse and rider and the quality of training and riding. ANWE WA demands humane, correct and progressive training and conditioning of the horse resulting in physical and mental soundness.